Antique Future Artistry Bazaar

Our shop is a gallery of our own pieces as well as other area artists and craftsmen who mostly come from within a 2 hour radius of Stockholm.  We have chosen artists and pieces that we feel go with the whole idea of Antique Future.  The artistry showcased here involves materials with a past or maybe a technique that you don’t see as often these days.  We appreciate the history and the story of the artists, techniques and the materials they have incorporated into their pieces.  Here you’ll find furniture, wall art and decor, pottery, jewelry, knives, metal sculpture, usable kitchen items and more.  All items are hand crafted in North America.  Everything has a story with an appreciation for the past and a new chapter for the future.

We try to be sure that many of the pieces in the shop are functional as well as beautiful.  There are many things in here that visitors think are too beautiful to use for fear of wrecking them.  Our reply:  The artist made it with the intention for it to be used.  So go ahead and get full appreciation out of it.


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