Ever since they realized each other’s talents and strengths and that they could work together cohesively instead of competitively, their motto became ‘Better Together’.

Dan is innovative and ‘up’ on modern technologies, while Sarah is ‘old school’ and a bit behind the times.  They were joined by their creative minds and love of the good old days when communities used their skills to create a lifestyle of survival, honest work ethic, resourcefulness and a willingness to work with their neighbors to barter, balancing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  They also share a love of the Stockholm area and it’s positive nurturing energy to the creative spirit.

Dan & Sarah each have 2 children of their own, joining their families to make a crew of 6!  The kids’ ages are 9, 10, 11 & 12 and are good friends.  The kids love to create projects in the Gnome House and they’ll sometimes be seen selling their own creations for an afternoon.  The older boys often do odd jobs around the neighborhood to make money to support their outdoor hobbies.  The kids also get to learn new skills, using their minds and working with their hands.

Dan is a metal worker and has been welding since the age of 9.  He grew up in a custom fabrication shop and learned a lot from his dad.  He enjoys using old and new techniques to create one of a kind pieces.  He especially likes to create larger scale, more abstract pieces.  He owns Creative Metalworx Inc. in Durand, WI which is a custom fabrication shop, mostly taking custom orders and doing production welding.  The Antique Future gallery in Stockholm provides a creative haven for Dan to showcase his one of a kind furniture pieces and sculptures based on his own designs.

Sarah is a natural born scrounger.  She calls herself ‘randomly creative’, seeing inspiration in every experience, place and person.  She enjoys doing large scale murals and collage.  She believes that each piece she creates is better with just a little bit of rubbish in it.  She prefers to work with acrylics, old wood, mortar, broken glass, natural elements such as stones, shells, bones,  and anything else she can scrounge up.  She greatly enjoys hand lettering and drawing most designs by hand before they are imported into a computer system for a project.  She also believes that knowing how to read and write in cursive is an important skill even in today’s modern times.

Dan & Sarah created Humble Moon Folkstead with the idea in mind that they could live out their dreams in having a creative outlet and also to create an experience and inspiration for visitors.  They have been customizing the property to suit their family needs so that the business can nurture and become part of their family lifestyle, not dominate their life.  It is designed to have something of interest to men, women and children.  It is a cozy casual environment where all are welcome to be themselves.